Friday, 16 September 2011

Hamilton's 1st Tool Lending Library!

HARRRP's Tool Lending Library opens

Friday September 30th


Jamesville Community Centre
 209 MacNab Street North

Thanks to a city-wide appeal for donations, Hamilton's first tool-lending library opens its doors in the North End.  

The lending library came into being when residents began borrowing tools from Christ's Church Cathedral on James St North.    

The church’s Reverend Sue-Ann Ward is also Executive Director of a community organization called HARRRP (
Hamilton Association for Residential and Recreational Redevelopment Programs). HARRRP has one of its three sites in the city at the Jamesville community centre on MacNab St North. She’d been impressed when she visited a tool-lending library in Kitchener - and brought the idea back home.  

Now local residents can borrow tools at no cost, choosing from an impressive collection of more than 250 items that range from hammers, screwdrivers, other hand and power tools to painting equipment, garden rakes and snow shovels.  

Sharing resources like this has many benefits: it’s good for the planet and builds community. Residents can improve their homes and at the same time the library frees up money to spend on healthier food and enrichment activities for children. 

HARRRP Tool Lending Library
at Jamesville Community Centre

Moving is NOT an Option helped to get the project going, offering support with gathering the tools and compiling an inventory.  Several individuals donated pinboards and helped put up shelving.

The tool-lending library will be officially launched on 
Friday Sept 30th at 9.30am
and after that will be open at the community centre:
Weekdays 9am-9pm and
Saturdays 10am-6pm.

If you live in the Jamesville area and would like to borrow a tool, please drop by the centre or call 905.525.3069

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