Monday, 2 January 2012

Project takes a New Direction for 2012

Moving is NOT an Option starts the New Year joining a new initiative! With continued funding from the Hamilton Community Foundation, we're now part of the Neighbourhood Action Plan team, with a focus on helping communities across the city create neighbourhood plans.

Partnering with the City of Hamilton, this project aims to create plans inspired by local residents in 11 communities over the next 18 months.

The communities selected for 2012 -2013 are:  Beasley: Catch: Crown Point: Jamesville: Keith: McQuesten: Riverdale: Rolston: Stinson: South Sherman and Wever.
Here's a map of the communities :

This year Julia and Moving is NOT an Option in a new role as Community Development Worker, will be focused on the Stinson (marked orange on the map) and Crown Point neighbourhoods (in purple).  The project will continue to work on environmental issues, as well as bringing workshops on sustainability to schools, community groups and offices. 

Here's some more information about 
the City of Hamilton's 
new Neighbourhood Development Strategy: 

The aim of this Strategy is to work in partnership with different communities in Hamilton to build neighbourhood plans. These plans lay out a vision for the future of a neighbourhood, mapping out concrete actions and projects that help work towards that vision.

Neighbourhood residents will be invited to give their ideas and be part of developing the plan. They'll join a steering committee which also includes business owners and service providers.

The City provides support such as facilitating meetings and helping neighbourhoods identify projects that need funding, as well as helping the communities apply for that funding.  The Hamilton Community Foundation is partnering with funds to ensure each neighbourhood is assigned a Neighbourhood Development Worker.